The largest full immersion VR Arena in Europe

>400 sq. m. of free movement in Another World

film looking quality |full body tracking |special effects and real weapon effects | 
Colony: Code Red
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Colony: Code Red

30 min

Your journey's destination through cold Space is a far off exploration and research station located on an exoplanet, beyond the limits of communication networks and human knowledge.

Colony: Code Red

About us

Another World is the largest VR space in Europe that is based on cutting edge, state-of-the-art technologies. We offer the highest possible level of total immersion virtual reality.

Optical tracking systems are used to transfer all your movements inside the game, and the huge game arena affords players free and unobstructed movement. Vibrating platforms, heat and wind generators, realistic weapon and aerial device simulators enhance your deep perception of the virtual reality.

The detailed gameplay instructions ensure that every player feels like a member of the team. You can play the same game again and again, and you will experience new thrills and excitement every time.

Virtual reality is an illusion, but the illusion becomes real once you dive into Another World!


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You are about to dive into a game where your mind will perceive everything as real. The action unfolds in a 400 sq. m. arena, which is packed with hundreds of state-of-the-art equipment units.


Real special effects and special VR gear for every player enhance the feeling of being there, giving you a sensation of control and feedback. Optical tracking, as used in Hollywood, allows us to match your every motion in the game space.


Our design team created and thought out every aspect of our virtual worlds. Warning! You may be carried away by unbelievable vistas of spacious valleys! Our virtual world will seem so real to you that when you are finished with the experience it will take you some minutes to re-acclimate to reality.


We have taken special efforts and devoted our full attention to creating a full-immersion experience that will allow you to dive deep into our virtual reality. The best solution lies at the intersection of art and state-of-the-art technologies. We use different intragaming techniques and real effects to provide you with this "WOW" experience. We really want to make Another World an unforgettable experience!


Colony: Code Red

Colony: Code Red

Colonists crew starts their journey

Colony: Code Red

Colony: Code Red

Gloomy exoplanet canyon

Colony: Code Red

Colony: Code Red

Horrifying hallways of the abandoned colony

Colony: Code Red

Colony: Code Red

Something wicked lurks this way