Be part of the revolution

We at Another World are an Austrian owned, passionate team devoted to VR LBE (Virtual Reality Location Based Entertainment) The words "Amusement", "Attraction", or "Entertainment" are too broad and dry to describe our VR experience.

Our dedicated team consists of more than 30+ employees, with experience in different fields ranging all the way from from game development and quest-rooms, to movie-making as well as engagement with various VR and AR technologies. We’ve come together to create the best immersive VR experience loaded with the best original games that we develop ourselves.

Moreover, we are one of the largest VR projects in our industry within Europe, utilising state-of-art technology and hardware. Our experiences are much more "thrilling” compared with others currently available in the market. We are determined to produce and present the best of the best, combining film and game into one, revolutionising entertainment as we know it.

As our specilization lies in high-end premium experiences combining 'storytelling' content with ultra high-fidelity graphics, we understand that building the highest caliber physical and virtual interactions possible requires immersive arena features which why we have incorporated elements such as face scan, vibro floors and subwoofers into our arena. From a technical standpoint we believe that, in order for film-like experiences to be effective, we must ensure seamless integration of a player’s actions into our narratives, providing the ultimate immersive experience.

The core elements of everything we do is "state-of-art". This is our studio's motto, and we are constantly taking everything we do to the next level, including the hardware we use, the service we provide, the quality and quantity of our VR-arena's network, and the new experiences we create. Our production team creates a new experience every 3 months, encouraging consistent customer retention.

We’ve served over 24,000 clients over the last 12 months. Nearly everyone who experienced Another World were blown away.

Our USA and Europe rollout is scheduled for 2020.

For us ‘seeing is believing’, and we invite you to visit Another World, and experience it yourself.

Technologies Employed


Every movement is captured

A state-of-the-art infrared camera system
works in tandem with motion trackers. The precision with which we can capture
your coordinates and movements is almost up to a decile of a millimetre.


You carry a colossal amount of computing
capacity on your back.

The HP Omen game station series needs no
introduction. We use the model that has been specially developed for VR arenas.
It is as powerful as the best desktop systems.


It will transfer your body inside the game

Light and compact devices that transfer
the motion of your hands and feet inside the game. Thanks to an inverse
kinematic system, this data is transformed into the character movements in
virtual reality, perfectly mirroring your every move.


Unique weapon to Another World

Ergonomic futuristic strikers with
realistic recoil effect. The best weapon solution for VR.


Your eyes in our virtual worlds

One of the best existing headsets. A
reliable and proven solution that is used world-wide.