Colony: Code Red

30 min

You are part of a rotation of colonists who has been sent to the deep space explorer station on planet Alekta. Upon arrival you must face the nightmare hiding inside; surrounding you is fear and desperation, and which you must turn to face. Maybe you will survive. Will you ever return?...


Year 2508. Mankind is colonizing space, and he is making hard and painstaking progress. Voyages to reach the stars take years. The crews of interstellar pilgrims sleep in cryopods, while artificial intelligence modules pilot the spaceships to reach far away colonies.

There is no direct connection and communication with the distant frontiers of colonies, so it is hard to find out what exactly is going on there. The frontier is not the most peaceful place. Technical glitches, natural disasters, and armed conflicts between people. All of these problems result in mayhem, death, and destruction.

Planet Alekta is one of the far exoplanets of the frontier. It is very similar to Earth, yet it has its own unique biosphere. After many long years of exploration and monitoring, an advanced post station has been built on the planet. According to established practice, it was supposed to adapt the DNA of terrestrial organisms to the local ecosystem via persistent mutations. This process has been proven to work multiple times. Therefore, a continued courier service to the colony was never established.

You are the crew of the colonial spaceship Vega, which must travel unbelievable distances from Earth to replace the colonists who have been stationed at the frontier for several years.

What could possibly go wrong?...

About your adventure

Colony: Code Red delivers the mother lode of thrills and excitement in the sci-fi-horror genre. We have done our best to create an intriguing and tense atmosphere and captivating gaming process.

Code Red forces you to switch between gaming styles: from exploring terrifying dark corners to pulling off extreme escapes from a chase in a gigantic rift valley. There won't be a boring moment, that's for sure!

We have created an adventure that is similar to an interactive movie. There are lots of subplots in the game, non-player characters, and, of course, an unexpected ending. Our game will definitely stir you emotions.



During this adventure you will have a chance to explore 13 different regions of a distant planet, which differ from each other both visually and in terms of ambient sound. Vast open spaces and narrow corridors. Some of them will take your breath away, and others will make you jump at the slightest stirring.


State-of-art equipment that will let you fully immerse yourself in the VR world and that will enhance your experience. Realistic weapon simulators. Optical tracking technologies that are used for Hollywood film production.


Your enemies have advanced intelligence abilities. They will not attack you head on or crowd around you. They hide, lurk, and wait for the moment you lose concentration. They are always close to you.


Another World is the largest VR Arena in Europe. 400 sq.m. of free movement with no real-world wires or obstacles. The available space lets you take a several mile walk in the virtual world. In addition to the VR space, there is a café and a post-game photo-op area.