30 min

A spacecraft accident leads you to an abandoned colony. What kind of mysteries does an unfriendly planet conceal? You have to descend to its deepest bowels, and then return to the surface to find the lost path to home. Descent is a dynamic Sci-Fi shooter with a large variety of enemies, different types of modern weapons, large-scale locations and with an unbridled drive that will be with you from the beginning to the end of the adventure.


The game takes place on the planet Alekta-IV. This planet is remarkable in that it is one of the 6 known planets of the known Universe on which a highly developed biological lifeform was discovered. Moreover, the Alektic organisms have extremely interesting biological characteristics that are associated with the adaptation and regeneration of cells due to the features of the local ecosystem.

The planet has a very specific orbit and periodically comes close to a local star, whose radiation literally sterilizes the surface and whose magnetic storms deposit high metal content on the rocks in the direction of the currents of magnetic lines. Due to such a corrosive environment, local organisms have developed unique hibernation abilities and high radiation resistance.

All of these factors have made the planet an extremely interesting place to conduct research in various fields. However, since the discovery of the planet there has been one problem: the Alekta system is remote from the space that has been explored by mankind. The minimum flight time to the system from the nearest transport hub is about four years using available technologies. As a result, the cost of logistics to support the colony on Alekta-IV has reached astronomical values.

The only company that has been able to launch such a risky project is the Nakamura Corporation. Nakamura bought the rights to use the planet and began the construction of the colony 35 years before the beginning of the events in the game. Initially everything went very well, but after some time the corporation began to experience financial problems. Nakamura exploited the remoteness of Alekta and changed this factor from a minus to plus in its attempts to earn easy money.

About your adventure

Colony: Code Red delivers the mother lode of thrills and excitement in the sci-fi-horror genre. We have done our best to create an intriguing and tense atmosphere and captivating gaming process.

Code Red forces you to switch between gaming styles: from exploring terrifying dark corners to pulling off extreme escapes from a chase in a gigantic rift valley. There won't be a boring moment, that's for sure!

We have created an adventure that is similar to an interactive movie. There are lots of subplots in the game, non-player characters, and, of course, an unexpected ending. Our game will definitely stir you emotions.



During this adventure you will have a chance to explore 13 different regions of a distant planet, which differ from each other both visually and in terms of ambient sound. Vast open spaces and narrow corridors. Some of them will take your breath away, and others will make you jump at the slightest stirring.


State-of-art equipment that will let you fully immerse yourself in the VR world and that will enhance your experience. Realistic weapon simulators. Optical tracking technologies that are used for Hollywood film production.


Your enemies have advanced intelligence abilities. They will not attack you head on or crowd around you. They hide, lurk, and wait for the moment you lose concentration. They are always close to you.


Another World is the largest VR Arena in Europe. 400 sq.m. of free movement with no real-world wires or obstacles. The available space lets you take a several mile walk in the virtual world. In addition to the VR space, there is a café and a post-game photo-op area.