Technologies Employed


Every movement is captured

A state-of-the-art infrared camera system
works in tandem with motion trackers. The precision with which we can capture
your coordinates and movements is almost up to a decile of a millimetre.


You carry a colossal amount of computing
capacity on your back.

The HP Omen game station series needs no
introduction. We use the model that has been specially developed for VR arenas.
It is as powerful as the best desktop systems.


It will transfer your body inside the game

Light and compact devices that transfer
the motion of your hands and feet inside the game. Thanks to an inverse
kinematic system, this data is transformed into the character movements in
virtual reality, perfectly mirroring your every move.


Unique weapon to Another World

Ergonomic futuristic strikers with
realistic recoil effect. The best weapon solution for VR.


Your eyes in our virtual worlds

One of the best existing headsets. A
reliable and proven solution that is used world-wide.